Sunday, 15 December 2013

Stylish Casual  Coloured Trousers For Men


1.Blue Casual Trousers-Blue Casual Trousers fabric is 100% cotton. These Blue trousers will make you look visibly slimmer and will keep you sweat-free and comfortable all day long.Solid color is the style of this blue trouser and trouser has a  full length.
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Blue Casual Trousers

2.Beige Cotton Casual Trousers-This pair of beige coloured trouser will match with t-shirt and shirt in all the colour.Trouser fabric is 100% cotton,solid color style and trouser has a full length.This trouser Pair will be soft and comfortable to wear.
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Beige Cotton Casual Trousers

3.Purple Coloured Trouser -This purple coloured trouser fabric is fine cotton.Trouser has a stylishly 5 pockets and solid style color.Purple trouser has a full length and will keep you a cool and comfortable all throughout.
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Purple Coloured Trouser

4.Pink coloured casual trousers-Pink coloured casual trousers is for men.Trouser fabric is cotton spandex and stretchable.This trouser will match with a black coloured T-shirt to complete your evening look.Trouser has a solid color style and trouser has full length.
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Pink coloured casual trousers

5.Grey coloured trousers-Grey coloured trousers is for men .Made from cotton spandex and these trouser feature is a regular fit.These trouser you can wear with a crisp white shirt to make a cool fashion.
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Grey coloured trousers

6.Maroon coloured Trouser-Maroon coloured trouser fabric is cotton and regular fit .These trouser style is over dye and trouser has a full length . you can wear this trouser in your casual wear collection this season.
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Maroon coloured Trouser

7.Black Regular Fit Casual Trouser-These regular-fit trousers are made from cotton and regular fit trouser.these black coloured trousers will lend you a perfect look for the day.Trouser re comfortable to wear and will go well with a wide range of casual shirts and polo T-shirts.
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Black Regular Fit Casual Trouser